Friday, September 26, 2014

Annabel's Wheels

This may be one of the best donations ever.  Well, perhaps a really big check is even better, but this was pretty fun!  A big, battery-operated, remote-control police car, how cool is that?

Who do you think has spent the most time in this mean-machine?

Yep, this little cutie.  We have a LOT of pictures.

Remember this one?

Annabel just loves riding in the car with her friends.

Selah just doesn't look quite so sure about it, does she?  Maybe she wants to get out...

Or perhaps it's best if she just shuts her eyes!

Jack was another nervous passenger... How about Spider-Girl (a.k.a. Lydia)?

The clue to Annabel's numerous 'turns' in the car lies in the background of the picture above.  Yes, it's Adam, Annabel's 'baba'.

Nothing like having the boss-of-the-background wrapped around your little finger when it comes to getting rides, hey Annabel?

Seems like driving the car is as much fun for Adam as it is for Annabel.

Rob wanted to have a turn at driving too.  Oops, who crashed it?!

The car can also be used without the remote control, and some of the older kids have become pretty good at driving it themselves.  That's for another post, maybe...?

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