Saturday, September 27, 2014

NDSouth: Painting with Our Hands and Feet

Recently we've a had a couple of new volunteers join us for morning preschool, and with the extra hands available, we decided that it would be fun to break out some paint for craft time. This was Lulu's first time painting with us, and she was pretty intrigued by the entire process.

She sat nice and still as we painted her hands and feet, and when it wasn't her turn, she was eager to watch the other children as they went. We think she was trying to size up this painting business.

Chris was pretty intrigued by it too, though he has painted before. He loved looking at his footprints, and was pretty amused by his blue feet. 

We think Chris and Lulu would probably let us paint their hands and feet all day if we could.

 Ada, on the other hand, wasn't quite so sure about this painting stuff. Sure painting is all fun and games when you're using brushes, but when it's going on your hands and feet? Ada wasn't completely convinced of that. 

So instead, she chose to play with blocks, and so long as the paint didn't come near her, she was perfectly content with her chosen activity.

Last but certainly not least was Amy. She knew exactly what to do when her turn came around. She sat perfectly still as we painted her hands...

...but when we painted her feet? Well, that's another story. She might, however, be just a little bit ticklish.

So what did we make with our hands and feet? We're sure you're dying to know, so wait no more! 

We made flowers, that's what. Aren't they adorable? We think so! 

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