Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Enya

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Talley Vs. Esther

You may have noticed Esther sporting her 'Baha', a device to provide amplification for children with hearing impairment.  She has got used to it, and it is helping her a lot.

You may also have noticed Talley sporting a very similar device.  In fact, it's the SAME device.  We received the 'Baha' as a donation, and Tally and Esther have been sharing it.

The other day, an incident took place that provided us with visual proof that the 'Baha' is helping these girls, and that they both feel its benefits.  The pictures were taken with a camera phone, so you'll have to excuse them not being up to our usual standards, but a picture speaks a thousand words and these tell quite a story...

Talley and Esther were both playing in the playroom, and Talley began to cry.  It was a true two-year-old 'throw yourself on the floor and wail' tantrum.

Why the tears?  Talley made a grab for the cause - 'her Baha', which Esther was wearing.

Things did get a little ugly, and hair may or may not have been pulled...

Don't worry, tears were dried, hugs were given, and the argument was resolved.  We firmly believe that it's good for kids to learn to take turns, but maybe not with something so important to their language development!

A 'Baha' is not cheap, but an additional one would make a lot of difference to Talley and Esther's worlds.
Would you like to help?  Please contact us at if you are interested.

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Chocolate Picnic

Once upon a time, on a bright Spring day right after Easter, a group of small children were sitting on a blanket on the grass.  Little did they know the adventure that was about to unfold...

Suddenly, the Easter Bunny* appeared and gave to them a large quantity of delicious chocolate in the shape of eggs and farmyard creatures.  The children were so amazed by such generosity that they hardly knew what to do.

*a.k.a. the kind visitors from Ritz-Carlton

The adventure took a dangerous turn when a fearsome creature* appeared, showing a great interest in the delicious chocolate.  Some brave hearts trembled with fear, but at last the creature was removed, and peace returned.

*a.k.a. Tom the dog

One of children, a handsome young gentleman named Daniel, wondered whether he was really permitted to bite into the head of his chicken...

His young friend, Nate, had the same question about the ears of his bunny rabbit...

Young Gabriel, however, had no such question.  Unfortunately, he did not realize that one needs to remove the wrapping before eating the chocolate.

Finally, with some encouragement, Nate took a nibble of his chocolate bunny's ear.  He was astonished by the creamy deliciousness, and took a few more bites.

Daniel enthusiastically put the whole chicken's head into his mouth.  He was happy indeed.

Sadly, however, the chocolate-eating-adventure had to come to an end.  The guardian of the children's appetites-for-their-lunch* declared "he's had enough, take the chocolate away".  

*a.k.a. Amy, the foster home manager

Still, it had been a very happy, if slightly messy, adventure.  Hooray for chocolate picnics.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Advocacy: Finding Hong Mao's Family

Wanted: A loving family for a handsome ten-year old boy named Hong Mao

Hong Mao is happy, lively, and loving. He currently lives in a foster family-like setting, but would really benefit from having a family of his own. Hong Mao has cerebral palsy that mostly inhibits his lower limbs. He is a talkative young man and can care for all of his basic needs... he just cannot walk without support. 

Like so many children, Hong Mao's most serious special need is that he is an older orphan boy. Many families seem eager to step forward for little girls, no matter the severity of their needs... but an older boy who cannot walk on his own? Why is Hong Mao being glanced over? Why has he waited ten years to know the love of a family?

There is beauty and brightness in this boy's smile. He's never really been given the opportunity to go to regular school, but just by talking with him we were impressed with what he knew and by his friendly and open manner... Hong Mao could go far, if someone would just give him that chance. 

Right now Hong Mao's file is waiting on the shared list. It's waiting for a family willing to take the risk to open their hearts and homes to a handsome, silly and friendly boy. A boy who today is an orphan and if he is never adopted will remain an orphan for the rest of his life.

Enjoy the videos' of Hong Mao introducing himself! Isn't he a sweet boy?

Read his bio here:
Saturday, April 26, 2014

NDSouth: Getting So Big

Can you believe how big Charlie is getting? Wasn't it just yesterday when we received a call for a tiny and sick baby boy in need of our help?

Charlie's personality has been coming out more and more. He recently received a new outfit from one of his sponsors. Doesn't he look adorable? He is checking out his new look.

"What? Are you talking about me?"

Charlie does smile but he often has a "bewildered" look on his face and can often be found deep in thought.

"Pick me up, please!"

There's that sweet smile we love so much!

You have flourished and grown so much in the nine months you have been with us, Charlie. You are such a handsome little boy and bring us such joy with your laughter and sweet personality.
Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Fling 2014

It's one of the highlights of the New Day calendar, an afternoon of hunting for eggs, petting fluffy animals and celebrating the joys of Spring.  This year's 'Spring Fling' took place on Good Friday, the weather was fine, and everyone had a wonderful time.  Want to see some pictures?

Events like this are a great opportunity to catch up with our younger kids living in foster families, as they come along to join in the fun.  Wayne gets more and more handsome every time!

Ethan and Elijah did a great job hunting for eggs and snacks, and went home with a cart-full of treats.

ALL the children took part in the Easter egg hunt.  The older kids enthusiastically took off across the backyard, hunting high and low and quickly filling their baskets.  Go Lucy!

The babies needed a little (OK, a lot) of help from their nannies, but they did a great job of looking adorable in pictures.  

The babies were pretty interested in the ducklings, chicks and rabbits.  Edward was intrigued; what could those fluffy little things be, and could he grab them?

The bigger kids spent plenty of time gathered around the boxes of animals.  Lucy did a great job demonstrating how to hold a duckling.  Do you think Annabel plucked up courage to have a try at holding one herself?

You can see more pictures in our  scrapbook.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

NDSouth: A Tough Month

April 1st, little Thad was born. He was left about a week later in a place where he would be found. He was probably left with the hope that someone would find him. Someone who could help him.

Thad arrived in our care on April 12th. He was brought directly to the hospital where he underwent GI surgery the very next morning. If that isn't enough for a twelve day old boy, we learned soon after that he also had a heart condition and would need surgery right away. Just five days after his GI surgery, little Thad had heart surgery. His surgery went well and the doctors were pleased, but the next few days were critical. 

Thad is still in CICU, but continues to do well. This sweet little boy has been through a lot in his few short weeks of life. It has been a rough start, but we believe the future is bright for this special baby boy. He now has hope.

We can not wait for baby Thad to be released from the hospital and can come home to New Day South. After going through so much pain and suffering in his first few weeks of life, we can't wait to give him the love and nurturing that he so desperately needs. 

Welcome to New Day South, Thad. We can't wait to love on you and care for you until the day your forever family can bring you home. 
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Hope

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NDNorth: Mama is Coming pt. 2

Part One

The most vital needs of children worldwide are the same: safety, nutrition and love. When we first began working with this particular Children's Welfare Institute, we were impressed with their ability to provide safety for the children in their care. In August, 2013, we began the Formula Project, and have watched as the babies grew stronger and healthier because of your support. Now, we are partnering with this orphanage to strengthen the bonds of love between the caregivers and the children.

In response to this need, New Day North is partnering with the orphanage to hire, train and oversee additional caregivers, who will be assigned to care for several specific children. With a ratio of one nanny for four children, the little ones will learn about love and have a chance to thrive.

We'd like for you all to meet four special little ones who are about to learn something special and new...

Want to get to know them? Click here to meet our children (and to sponsor them!)
Monday, April 21, 2014

NDNorth: Mama is Coming, part 1

“Come and see the new baby."

The orphanage's baby home director, a nanny and two medical staff were gathered around a white metal crib. Inside lay a newborn baby boy with a severe cleft lip and palate. He slept peacefully as the staff discussed what to do. "We've raised a baby like him before," the director commented, "but there are already so many babies and only one nanny to take care of them." For an infant born with a cleft lip and palate to survive, he needs meticulous care. These children are at higher risk for respiratory and other infections, as well as malnutrition. The orphanage staff knew this. "But what if we can't care for him?" the nurse asked. What if he doesn't survive?

This one precious new baby is not the only concern. There are other children, little ones who have survived the infant stage and are growing into toddlers and preschoolers. Their need for care and for love is just as intense.

The nanny on duty for the infant room - caring for fifteen babies between the ages of two months and a year and a half - is bustling about, propping bottles on towels, sticking nipples back into hungry mouths and cleaning up the mess of the day. She takes a minute to rest on her feet and comments, "What these babies really need is love. That's it. But we can't give it to them. All that I want to do is love them and show them that they are special, but I have ten babies to care for and I spend most of the time taking care of the daily needs, not loving them. If each of us only had three babies to care for, we could do it, we could love them. But ten? It's impossible and it makes my heart sad." She gently smooths the blankets of the almost-sleeping babies and goes to wash up the bottles. 

A toddling girl needs to know that there is someone available, someone just for her. Growing boys need just as many cuddles as the cutest chubby baby. And all of the babies, from the biggest to the littlest, the skinniest to the chubbiest, the cutest to the sickest, all of them need love.

The hearts of the nannies working in the orphanage are kind, genuine and full of love for the children in their care. But they are overwhelmed and sometimes discouraged. How can two women provide for the needs of sixteen preschoolers, some of whom have severe special needs? How does one woman make sure that ten infants are eating enough, growing enough and being loved enough? There is no solution, except for what the nanny said as she quietly soothed a little orphan to sleep..."If each of us only had three children... then we could love them."

Part 2, coming tomorrow...
Sunday, April 20, 2014

A New Day Easter

On Friday afternoon the children were running around the backyard hunting for Easter eggs (and consuming the contents).   There were  happy shouts and babies enjoyed cuddles in the sunshine.  We even had a box of cute chicks and ducklings, and a box of fluffy little bunnies.  Yes, there are a LOT of cute pictures and we will share them with you very soon.

Inside though, in the Foster Home office, a text message arrived.  With a picture.

There were happy shouts (and a happy dance).  "Albert is off the ventilator!".

This was just two days after his life-saving liver transplant operation.  Albert's GI defect was very severe and without a transplant it didn't look as though he had much longer left.  Now, new life has come to Albert, a new hope and a future.

Albert is the fifth New Day child to have a liver transplant.  Number four, Reese, has been slowly recovering from his transplant, but he's made miraculous progress.

Reese's Fight has been epic, and it has touched the hearts of many.  He's been in the hospital so long, and come through so much, that the hospital staff have become very fond of him.

"On the venilator for 52 days after the liver transplant surgery in the ICU, there were three times heart stopped and breath off, he overcomed all this and transfed from ICU to the regular ward in a stable situation.
I want to thank all the dr. and nurses in the ICU and all the college of Institute of Transplantation and also all the people who support this little boy from NEW DAY FOSTER HOME, because of you all --not giving up, not abandoning , Reese is able to go through those tough times and recover smoothly."
- Message from Reese's doctor, pictured above.

Today we celebrate new livers for two brave little boys.  We celebrate life where there was death.  Hope where there was despair.  Happy Easter!
Saturday, April 19, 2014

NDSouth: Wordless Saturday: Tummy Time

Friday, April 18, 2014

An 'Egg-cellent' Adventure

This week the morning preschool kids got to go on a very exciting journey.  They piled into a couple of electric carts and set off down road, over the bridge and along the path by the river... the wonderful open-air market close to the New Day campus.  Asher carried the 'basket'...

...and Camilla carried the money.  She carefully considered handing over the cash - was it a good price?

The purchase is completed!  But what did they buy?

Eggs to decorate for Easter, of course.  What a fun little outing, and we can't wait to see the decorated eggs when they are done.