Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Talley Vs. Esther

You may have noticed Esther sporting her 'Baha', a device to provide amplification for children with hearing impairment.  She has got used to it, and it is helping her a lot.

You may also have noticed Talley sporting a very similar device.  In fact, it's the SAME device.  We received the 'Baha' as a donation, and Tally and Esther have been sharing it.

The other day, an incident took place that provided us with visual proof that the 'Baha' is helping these girls, and that they both feel its benefits.  The pictures were taken with a camera phone, so you'll have to excuse them not being up to our usual standards, but a picture speaks a thousand words and these tell quite a story...

Talley and Esther were both playing in the playroom, and Talley began to cry.  It was a true two-year-old 'throw yourself on the floor and wail' tantrum.

Why the tears?  Talley made a grab for the cause - 'her Baha', which Esther was wearing.

Things did get a little ugly, and hair may or may not have been pulled...

Don't worry, tears were dried, hugs were given, and the argument was resolved.  We firmly believe that it's good for kids to learn to take turns, but maybe not with something so important to their language development!

A 'Baha' is not cheap, but an additional one would make a lot of difference to Talley and Esther's worlds.
Would you like to help?  Please contact us at foster@newdaycreations.com if you are interested.

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