Sunday, April 27, 2014

Advocacy: Finding Hong Mao's Family

Wanted: A loving family for a handsome ten-year old boy named Hong Mao

Hong Mao is happy, lively, and loving. He currently lives in a foster family-like setting, but would really benefit from having a family of his own. Hong Mao has cerebral palsy that mostly inhibits his lower limbs. He is a talkative young man and can care for all of his basic needs... he just cannot walk without support. 

Like so many children, Hong Mao's most serious special need is that he is an older orphan boy. Many families seem eager to step forward for little girls, no matter the severity of their needs... but an older boy who cannot walk on his own? Why is Hong Mao being glanced over? Why has he waited ten years to know the love of a family?

There is beauty and brightness in this boy's smile. He's never really been given the opportunity to go to regular school, but just by talking with him we were impressed with what he knew and by his friendly and open manner... Hong Mao could go far, if someone would just give him that chance. 

Right now Hong Mao's file is waiting on the shared list. It's waiting for a family willing to take the risk to open their hearts and homes to a handsome, silly and friendly boy. A boy who today is an orphan and if he is never adopted will remain an orphan for the rest of his life.

Enjoy the videos' of Hong Mao introducing himself! Isn't he a sweet boy?

Read his bio here:

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