Sunday, April 20, 2014

A New Day Easter

On Friday afternoon the children were running around the backyard hunting for Easter eggs (and consuming the contents).   There were  happy shouts and babies enjoyed cuddles in the sunshine.  We even had a box of cute chicks and ducklings, and a box of fluffy little bunnies.  Yes, there are a LOT of cute pictures and we will share them with you very soon.

Inside though, in the Foster Home office, a text message arrived.  With a picture.

There were happy shouts (and a happy dance).  "Albert is off the ventilator!".

This was just two days after his life-saving liver transplant operation.  Albert's GI defect was very severe and without a transplant it didn't look as though he had much longer left.  Now, new life has come to Albert, a new hope and a future.

Albert is the fifth New Day child to have a liver transplant.  Number four, Reese, has been slowly recovering from his transplant, but he's made miraculous progress.

Reese's Fight has been epic, and it has touched the hearts of many.  He's been in the hospital so long, and come through so much, that the hospital staff have become very fond of him.

"On the venilator for 52 days after the liver transplant surgery in the ICU, there were three times heart stopped and breath off, he overcomed all this and transfed from ICU to the regular ward in a stable situation.
I want to thank all the dr. and nurses in the ICU and all the college of Institute of Transplantation and also all the people who support this little boy from NEW DAY FOSTER HOME, because of you all --not giving up, not abandoning , Reese is able to go through those tough times and recover smoothly."
- Message from Reese's doctor, pictured above.

Today we celebrate new livers for two brave little boys.  We celebrate life where there was death.  Hope where there was despair.  Happy Easter!

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