Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NDNorth: Mama is Coming pt. 2

Part One

The most vital needs of children worldwide are the same: safety, nutrition and love. When we first began working with this particular Children's Welfare Institute, we were impressed with their ability to provide safety for the children in their care. In August, 2013, we began the Formula Project, and have watched as the babies grew stronger and healthier because of your support. Now, we are partnering with this orphanage to strengthen the bonds of love between the caregivers and the children.

In response to this need, New Day North is partnering with the orphanage to hire, train and oversee additional caregivers, who will be assigned to care for several specific children. With a ratio of one nanny for four children, the little ones will learn about love and have a chance to thrive.

We'd like for you all to meet four special little ones who are about to learn something special and new...

Want to get to know them? Click here to meet our children (and to sponsor them!)

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