Monday, April 28, 2014

A Chocolate Picnic

Once upon a time, on a bright Spring day right after Easter, a group of small children were sitting on a blanket on the grass.  Little did they know the adventure that was about to unfold...

Suddenly, the Easter Bunny* appeared and gave to them a large quantity of delicious chocolate in the shape of eggs and farmyard creatures.  The children were so amazed by such generosity that they hardly knew what to do.

*a.k.a. the kind visitors from Ritz-Carlton

The adventure took a dangerous turn when a fearsome creature* appeared, showing a great interest in the delicious chocolate.  Some brave hearts trembled with fear, but at last the creature was removed, and peace returned.

*a.k.a. Tom the dog

One of children, a handsome young gentleman named Daniel, wondered whether he was really permitted to bite into the head of his chicken...

His young friend, Nate, had the same question about the ears of his bunny rabbit...

Young Gabriel, however, had no such question.  Unfortunately, he did not realize that one needs to remove the wrapping before eating the chocolate.

Finally, with some encouragement, Nate took a nibble of his chocolate bunny's ear.  He was astonished by the creamy deliciousness, and took a few more bites.

Daniel enthusiastically put the whole chicken's head into his mouth.  He was happy indeed.

Sadly, however, the chocolate-eating-adventure had to come to an end.  The guardian of the children's appetites-for-their-lunch* declared "he's had enough, take the chocolate away".  

*a.k.a. Amy, the foster home manager

Still, it had been a very happy, if slightly messy, adventure.  Hooray for chocolate picnics.

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