Thursday, April 24, 2014

NDSouth: A Tough Month

April 1st, little Thad was born. He was left about a week later in a place where he would be found. He was probably left with the hope that someone would find him. Someone who could help him.

Thad arrived in our care on April 12th. He was brought directly to the hospital where he underwent GI surgery the very next morning. If that isn't enough for a twelve day old boy, we learned soon after that he also had a heart condition and would need surgery right away. Just five days after his GI surgery, little Thad had heart surgery. His surgery went well and the doctors were pleased, but the next few days were critical. 

Thad is still in CICU, but continues to do well. This sweet little boy has been through a lot in his few short weeks of life. It has been a rough start, but we believe the future is bright for this special baby boy. He now has hope.

We can not wait for baby Thad to be released from the hospital and can come home to New Day South. After going through so much pain and suffering in his first few weeks of life, we can't wait to give him the love and nurturing that he so desperately needs. 

Welcome to New Day South, Thad. We can't wait to love on you and care for you until the day your forever family can bring you home. 

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