Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Fling 2014

It's one of the highlights of the New Day calendar, an afternoon of hunting for eggs, petting fluffy animals and celebrating the joys of Spring.  This year's 'Spring Fling' took place on Good Friday, the weather was fine, and everyone had a wonderful time.  Want to see some pictures?

Events like this are a great opportunity to catch up with our younger kids living in foster families, as they come along to join in the fun.  Wayne gets more and more handsome every time!

Ethan and Elijah did a great job hunting for eggs and snacks, and went home with a cart-full of treats.

ALL the children took part in the Easter egg hunt.  The older kids enthusiastically took off across the backyard, hunting high and low and quickly filling their baskets.  Go Lucy!

The babies needed a little (OK, a lot) of help from their nannies, but they did a great job of looking adorable in pictures.  

The babies were pretty interested in the ducklings, chicks and rabbits.  Edward was intrigued; what could those fluffy little things be, and could he grab them?

The bigger kids spent plenty of time gathered around the boxes of animals.  Lucy did a great job demonstrating how to hold a duckling.  Do you think Annabel plucked up courage to have a try at holding one herself?

You can see more pictures in our  scrapbook.

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