Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Thumbs

Are any of our readers familiar with the Chinese holidays? If you are, then you probably know that tomorrow is a special day. It's May 1st, which is the Chinese version of Labor Day. All over town, people are calling out to each other, "Happy May 1st!"

Because 5/1 falls on a Tuesday this year, workdays and weekends got tweaked around a little bit, and Saturday was a work day, while Monday and Tuesday are holidays. Here at the foster home, we followed the trend and made Saturday a working day, but we decided to have some fun with it. Our yearly shipment of flowers arrived the day before, and so we pushed away from our computers and rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The flowers weren't going to plant themselves on their own!

The working crew consisted mostly of foster home office staff and the gardener, but when Joshua saw how much fun we were having, he offered his services. We can't turn down a helper like Joshua, and he was put right to work.

He preferred not to stop and take breaks when his arms got tired... he just rested them on top of his head.  

Later that afternoon, after the flowers had been planted and the yard was smelling of fresh blossoms, we found Claire busy in the sand box. "What are you doing, Claire?" we asked.

Smiling sheepishly she replied, "Planting flowers."

Claire had collected some of the leftover flower planting supplies and was filling them with sand. My, was she busy!

With the flowers planted and the weather warming up, we're starting to get excited about summertime and all of it's energy. Great things are going to happen this summer, we just know it!
Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Turn!

It quickly became obvious to me, as I observed the Backyard School making cookies during their English hour, that there was one phrase each one of the children had down pat.

This phrase was, "My Turn!"

When it was time to stir, dump ingredients into the bowl or crack the eggs, each child excitedly called out, "My turn," raising a hand as high as possible. We had plenty of eggs on hand, so even though the recipe only called for two eggs, all six of the children got to crack at least one. Don't worry you expert bakers... we only used the two called for.

This was Elliot's first time cracking an egg, and he did a great, though rather messy job. We didn't have high expectations, so there was a rag handy for wiping eggy fingers.

The girls in the Forever Home bake often, so Elly was pretty confident breaking her egg. Doesn't she look like a professional?

Another English word the children quickly learned was, "dump." After filling a measuring spoon or cup with flour, sugar or cinnamon, the kids "dumped" it into the bowl. Hannah caught on quickly, but then again, she's also a baking pro.

After all of the ingredients had been "dumped" into the big mixing bowl, Joel got to be the first one to stir.

Of course, each one of the kids wanted a turn. "My turn!" Elly called out, and she got to be next! Everybody wanted to watch, especially the boys. They had never ever baked before, so this was an exciting day.

Finally, the cookies were done! Holly was so proud. She happily told everyone who would listen, "Look!" pointing to her cookie, "我做我做。好吃!" (I did! I did! It's Yummy.)

They kids did a super job, and word has it that they're making banana bread next week.

More pictures of cookie baking here.
Friday, April 27, 2012


You are four, Noah. Four years old.

You are handsome.
You are sweet.
You have some "special" genes, but they just make you even more special.

When Lillian, our speech therapist, asked Noah how old he was, he held up four fingers.
When she asked him whose birthday it was today, he patted his chest.

Happy Birthday, Noah. You are a very special little man, and we hope and pray that next year, you will celebrate your birthday with a forever family surrounding you.

Check out the rest of the pictures from our April Birthday Party in this week's scrapbook!
Thursday, April 26, 2012

NDSouth: Our Little Ones

Our “little ones” down here at NDS aren’t quite so little anymore! It appears that they are growing and changing right before our eyes!

 Marshall is changing daily. He is growing big and strong and his smile lights up the room!

 Jewel began taking steps just a few weeks ago and decided that “walking is the way to go!” She took off and has been non-stop since!

Charlotte is our newest arrival, but she has blossomed and changed so much in just the few short weeks that she’s been with us. She is a little fighter, that is for sure. She has recently begun smiling but we haven’t caught it on camera yet!

Asa’s giggle makes us all laugh! He is such a happy baby and is such a blessing.

We sure have some cuties down south, wouldn’t you agree?

---This post was written by Anneli, NDS's newest intern!
Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Learning How to Read

Bunny Times

We held our annual Easter Egg Hunt this Monday. The preschool children all wore their cute bunny hats, and hunted for dyed goose eggs, which they had purchased during a trip to the lunar market.

Lily's pretty cute, isn't she?

Oh yes, she knows it.

Head over to today's scrapbook for even more precious pictures of the kids hunting for goodies.
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oliver Comes Home

Oliver is officially the youngest child at New Day Foster Home. He arrived April 5th, and is now three months old. It wasn't too long after Oliver arrived that he started experiencing some respiratory issues. So tiny and weak, were were worried about the struggle that pneumonia would put his little body through, so we admitted him into the hospital right away. In the loving arms of one of our nannies, Oliver was in great hands.

Oliver was doing well enough that the doctor said he could be released from the hospital. He arrived home yesterday evening, lungs clear and cough gone.

Welcome home, sweet boy!

The Forever Home: All Dressed Up

All week the girls have looked forward to attending the wedding of one of our staff members, Grace Liu.  They carefully chose their dresses, tights, and shoes.  Then decided how their hair would be worn.  Even painting finger and toenails the day before!  It's not often that they get the opportunity to attend a wedding so they are quite the special events when they do happen.  It's fun to get all dressed up and the girls enjoyed every minute of this special occasion :)  

Here they pose for a picture while waiting to make our way together to the wedding with other New Day friends.  Though we tried, it's hard to get 8 girls to all cooperate successfully for the perfect picture!  So.....we take what we can get sometimes.  You are all so beautiful!

This picture was a little more successful!  Such beauties you all are!  Each so special in your own way!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thumbs Up!

We try our best to foster an attitude of determination and success in the children. We want for them to believe that they can do it. So, even in the little things, we're encouraging and cheering them on. Take puzzle time in afternoon preschool for example. Josiah and Jadeyn were working on their own puzzles, diligently, like they should...

As Josiah put the last piece in it's appropriate place, he knew just what to do: give himself a round of applause. Because that's what a successful puzzle completer deserves, don't you think?

Jadeyn, however, had a different method of affirmation she wanted to use. As Jadeyn put the final piece in her puzzle, Gloria taught her how to give a "Thumbs Up."

But sweet Jadyen deserved not one thumbs up for her fabulous work, but two.

Way to go, sweet kids! Today you're putting puzzles together, tomorrow...?

P.S. Whoohoo! Josiah and Jadeyn are now both matched with adoptive families. What great news!
Saturday, April 21, 2012

If You Want to Volunteer...

If you want to come and volunteer here at New Day, you're going to have to get all of your shots.

Don't worry, our doctors are gentle, expert, and sure to make you laugh.

What are you waiting for?

(P.S. this is not actually a call for volunteers... we're already booked through the summer! These pictures of Philip and Joshua 'playing doctor' were just too funny not to share.)
Friday, April 20, 2012

CCU Springtime Photoshoot

The nannies and babies in our Critical Care Unit had just returned back from their short walk, when they noticed the blooming trees in the backyard. We couldn't resist this photo shoot!

Susan and Michael

Michael is seriously getting cuter daily. It's incredible to watch this little miracle grow and laugh and babble away. He is a treasure.

Ella cared more about the flowers than the camera. She loves fresh air and always turns her head toward the sunlight.

Alea is a doll, and her favorite thing to do is to be held. She looks like a flower herself, doesn't she?

Leah tried to lift silly Lydia up so that she would be among the blossoms, but Lydia would have none of it. She was too busy giving kisses and nuzzling her nanny's cheek. Lydia loves to be cuddled close.

Lydia was admitted into the hospital with a nasty case of pneumonia, Sunday. Get better soon, baby girl.

Question: If each one of these precious children were flowers, what sort of flower would they be? Please share your answer in the comments!
Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey Everybody, Look at me!

I'm standing on my own! Aren't you proud?

The doctors said that this was impossible. But, well, that word isn't in my vocabulary. I thought that they meant it would take a lot of work... so that's what I did. I worked really, really hard and now I can do it! 'Course, it's still pretty challenging, but that's why I keep practicing.

Are you proud of me too?

NDSouth: Southern Boys

Would y'all agree that we've got bunch of good looking fellows down here at New Day South ?

and yes, Jonah can be just as sweet as he looks!

Asa has always been our "Mr. Photogenic", except..

.. when he's having a bad hair day!

speaking of photogenic, give Benjamin another month or two

and how 'bout this big smile from our little miracle boy, Marshall!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Kendra's Giggle

Do Your Ears Stand Tall?

Springtime is here for real! Our annual Spring Fling is scheduled for Friday, and so in preparation for the big day, the kids got busy making bunny ears.

We started with white strips of paper and covered them with stickers...

And then measured them, to make sure that the hats would fit just right.

They turned out great, didn't they!? Elliot's just dying to go to the mirror to check himself out...

Colton makes a handsome bunny rabbit, doesn't he?

Carolyn is a cute bunny and she knows it!

Jabin is super excited for the egg hunt we're having on Friday. He can't wait!

Claire makes a silly face... are you laughing?

Sweet Lucy makes quite the adorable bunny, don't you think?

We have so many cute pictures of this fun activity. Check out the scrapbook, and our new facebook album for more!