Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Forever Home: All Dressed Up

All week the girls have looked forward to attending the wedding of one of our staff members, Grace Liu.  They carefully chose their dresses, tights, and shoes.  Then decided how their hair would be worn.  Even painting finger and toenails the day before!  It's not often that they get the opportunity to attend a wedding so they are quite the special events when they do happen.  It's fun to get all dressed up and the girls enjoyed every minute of this special occasion :)  

Here they pose for a picture while waiting to make our way together to the wedding with other New Day friends.  Though we tried, it's hard to get 8 girls to all cooperate successfully for the perfect picture!  So.....we take what we can get sometimes.  You are all so beautiful!

This picture was a little more successful!  Such beauties you all are!  Each so special in your own way!

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  1. Eight beautiful blessings from God!!!!! They look so healthy and happy! I bet Grace's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!