Monday, April 23, 2012

Thumbs Up!

We try our best to foster an attitude of determination and success in the children. We want for them to believe that they can do it. So, even in the little things, we're encouraging and cheering them on. Take puzzle time in afternoon preschool for example. Josiah and Jadeyn were working on their own puzzles, diligently, like they should...

As Josiah put the last piece in it's appropriate place, he knew just what to do: give himself a round of applause. Because that's what a successful puzzle completer deserves, don't you think?

Jadeyn, however, had a different method of affirmation she wanted to use. As Jadeyn put the final piece in her puzzle, Gloria taught her how to give a "Thumbs Up."

But sweet Jadyen deserved not one thumbs up for her fabulous work, but two.

Way to go, sweet kids! Today you're putting puzzles together, tomorrow...?

P.S. Whoohoo! Josiah and Jadeyn are now both matched with adoptive families. What great news!


  1. So Happy to hear that their families are waiting for them!

  2. Way to go, sweet ones! Praise God that they have such a nurturing environment now, and forever families ready to bring them home!

  3. Yay for forever families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have lots of encouragement for adoptions of ones with dwarfism if Josiah's family reads this!!! I love our little achon we adopted last May from China (10 years old now). You can email me if you'd like!!!
    So happy for these kiddos that get families and think it's wonderful!!