Friday, April 20, 2012

CCU Springtime Photoshoot

The nannies and babies in our Critical Care Unit had just returned back from their short walk, when they noticed the blooming trees in the backyard. We couldn't resist this photo shoot!

Susan and Michael

Michael is seriously getting cuter daily. It's incredible to watch this little miracle grow and laugh and babble away. He is a treasure.

Ella cared more about the flowers than the camera. She loves fresh air and always turns her head toward the sunlight.

Alea is a doll, and her favorite thing to do is to be held. She looks like a flower herself, doesn't she?

Leah tried to lift silly Lydia up so that she would be among the blossoms, but Lydia would have none of it. She was too busy giving kisses and nuzzling her nanny's cheek. Lydia loves to be cuddled close.

Lydia was admitted into the hospital with a nasty case of pneumonia, Sunday. Get better soon, baby girl.

Question: If each one of these precious children were flowers, what sort of flower would they be? Please share your answer in the comments!


  1. Michael, Ella, Alea, and Lydia ... you are each indeed as beautiful as a springtime flower (so is Auntie Susan). And oh the joy of watching you babies blossom in the place where love grows! Get well baby Lyida!
    Love & Blessings,

  2. What a wonderful question. if they were flowers ...
    Michael would be a Snap-Dragon
    Ella would be a brown eyed Susan soaking up the summer sunshine
    Alea would be a Southern Magnolia blossom with a strong promise of newness of life
    And dear sweet, sweet Lydia would be ... a delicate, sweet smelling Sweet Pea!

    All these children are SO dear. Wish I could snuggle them in person, but the photo of Leah drinking in Lydia's sweetness and snuggles is pretty close to being there!
    THAT photo melted my heart! So glad the children are so well loved!