Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey Everybody, Look at me!

I'm standing on my own! Aren't you proud?

The doctors said that this was impossible. But, well, that word isn't in my vocabulary. I thought that they meant it would take a lot of work... so that's what I did. I worked really, really hard and now I can do it! 'Course, it's still pretty challenging, but that's why I keep practicing.

Are you proud of me too?


  1. oh joshua, i am so proud of you!! so, so proud of you. and i am so thankful that of all the mommies in the world, God picked me for you. did you know He told me to pray for you to be healed before He even told me you were my little boy! that's right! it's almost like He told me first that you were HIS little boy and He had big, big plans for you. and then, after i trusted His great plans and committed to pray, He told me that you would be my little boy too. Only a few short weeks and we will be there to bring you home and cheer you on as you accomplish these BIG things! we can't wait! WAY TO GO, JOSHUA!!!!!!! :)

    1. So happy for you! We have been following the progress of the kids at New Day as we wait to go to China to bring home our own son. For a while we were hoping our son might be among the precious ones at New Day. But God had other plans. These kids still have a special place in our hearts, though, and we check in on them from time to time. So glad to see that sweet Joshua finally has a forever family waiting for him . . . and this picture of him standing on his own brought tears to my eyes. To God be the glory, for He has done great and mighty things!!!

      Heather Byrd

  2. We met Joshua on our trip - remember our baba who has a goatee and youw eren't satisified until he finally told you it was fur! You will concur the world little man, your smile is as big as your heart. SO, SO proud of all your hard work!

  3. Hooray for Joshua! Can't wait to meet this little man when he gets home!!

  4. This post brought tears to my eyes.... so proud of you, Joshua!


  5. Wow, you´re amazing young man.Such a good boy. You are a hero, not a little hero! A real hero! Go on, and you will see great things coming true in your life.

  6. So proud of you Joshua! So happy to see you'll be going home soon!