Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do Your Ears Stand Tall?

Springtime is here for real! Our annual Spring Fling is scheduled for Friday, and so in preparation for the big day, the kids got busy making bunny ears.

We started with white strips of paper and covered them with stickers...

And then measured them, to make sure that the hats would fit just right.

They turned out great, didn't they!? Elliot's just dying to go to the mirror to check himself out...

Colton makes a handsome bunny rabbit, doesn't he?

Carolyn is a cute bunny and she knows it!

Jabin is super excited for the egg hunt we're having on Friday. He can't wait!

Claire makes a silly face... are you laughing?

Sweet Lucy makes quite the adorable bunny, don't you think?

We have so many cute pictures of this fun activity. Check out the scrapbook, and our new facebook album for more!

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