Monday, August 22, 2016

Lessons with Cooper

Recently our staff held a seminar about the character attributes we hope to portray in our lives and in our positions we have at New Day. We want to serve with patience, be unified as a whole, encourage with life giving words, and lead with vision and humility. The 25 character points that we are learning more about are vision, humility, attitude, excellence, innovation, caring, unity, safety, respect, encourage, no gossip, personal health, being adaptable, life-giving, hope, serving, being uncritical, self awareness, testimony, owning the problem, same heart, patience, responsibility, veracity, being equipped.

As much as we desire these character traits for ourselves, we want them for our children as well. We want each one of our children to grow up knowing what it means to love, serve, and lead. We see some of these traits starting to sprout in them already! We hope that they see all of these traits in us so that they too want to adopt them for themselves. We can never be too caring, too loving, too encouraging, too patient, too responsible, or too humble. We should always be working towards a heart that is so tender. We want to encourage our children here to dream big, work hard, and never stop caring for those around them. We hope that their incredibly wonderful stories of restoration will always remind them to do the same for others, to rescue and to love.

We put a humility wristband on Cooper and he was curious to know what it was. We’re excited to get to teach him about what it means to be filled with humility and watch him grow into a man who is humble and kind. We love teaching and learning from our children!!
Sunday, August 14, 2016

NDNorth: Circle Time with Rina

Rina is our solid little cuddlebug... And what we wouldn't give sometimes to know what thoughts are swirling around in her mind... 

But when it comes to Circle Time, there's no question as to what her feelings are... Want to join in and see for yourself? Come on!

First all the children and nannies get together and sing hello to each of the children. Today the first activity is rolling the big pink ball! 

Who did you roll it to, Rina? Great job! You are pretty proud of yourself, as you should be! 

Oh, and then come the bubbles... Can we all agree that this is Rina's favorite part? 

I think that squinty smile is all the affirmation we need... Enjoy the rest of Circle Time, princess! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

A Very Special Visitor

The reality of adoption is that we get to pour into children and love them fully but at some point, we have to say goodbye and face the truth that we may never get the chance to see them again. However, there is such joy and excitement in knowing that we get to play even a small part of touching and saving a life, for however long that may be. But, there are times where we are blessed with a visit, or in this case eleven visits so far, from a past New Day child.

Bethany Wright, who is now 16, was adopted from New Day when she was 5-years-old. Since being adopted by her mother Jean on May 26th 2004, she has returned to New Day eleven times to love on kids who she finds much in common with. When asked why she likes to come back, she said that she loves coming back to where her story began. She gets to see up close where she spent some of her life being loved and spoken into. She also gets to see other children who share similar stories or disabilities with her that she now gets to hope for. She hopes for healing for these kids like she once did for herself.

Because of a hip issue, Bethany was told she was probably never going to be able to walk again. But just like many children’s lives tell here at New Day, the impossible is made possible. Not only can Bethany walk, but she is a cheerleader and teaches children back in America gymnastics and cheer. She thrives at all that she does and her presence brings abundant joy and light. She is quick to share all that she has learned and been through to get to where she is now.

Bethany says she has learned much patience and compassion through adoption and she now wants to pursue school in hopes of being an International Civil Rights Attorney. She has a heart for the broken and abandoned. Bethany is confident that there is still more for her back in China and she is looking forward to the next time she gets to visit New Day. We are too!

This post was written by one of our interns, Callyanne

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Kisses for Nathan

Friday, August 5, 2016

100 Days

In China it is customary to celebrate a child's 100th day. Traditionally it included a party and friends and family would send the child new clothes, and the baby would be taken to a photographer to document the occasion.

Recently Cassie and Isabella both reached their 100 day milestone. Their nannies, Caroline and Julia, wanted to make sure that they were celebrated on this special day. Days before they gathered cute dresses and matching headbands and told our photographer, GanLu, their plan. On their 100th day they dressed them up and let GanLu take as many pictures as she liked.

Isn't Cassie beautiful?

Isabella, you're precious!

We're so thankful for nannies who love and care for children like Cassie and Isabella, making sure they don't miss out on important milestones as they wait for their forever family. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A New Day Story: Owen

Children love to play, learn, and experience the joys that are offered to them. Here at New Day, our hope is that each child that walks through our doors jumps into a life full of adventure, love, new hope, and true joy. There are many people here at New Day that love teaching our children new games, fun lessons, sharing stories, and providing each child with their exact and unique needs.  When a new child comes, their needs are met and we hope to exceed every expectation they could ever have for their life.

Owen, who arrived at New Day on June 16th 2016, came with a unique story. He was born with Thalassemia and for most of his life dealt with physical weakness. He was recently asked what his favorite games were and he replied with, “sweeping” and “taking out the trash.” For the beginning of Owen’s life, he missed out on being that little boy who likes to play hard, get dirty, and fully embrace life with open arms because of his health and the unclear understanding of his condition. His idea of fun and games changed from trucks and sports to sweeping and taking out the trash.  

Although his physical size and development would suggest a younger age, Owen is 9 years old. Owen arrived at New Day from an orphanage that was not able or equipped to provide him with proper medical care related to his blood disorder. Owen needs a blood transfusion every 3 weeks, but the prior orphanage was only able to provide one transfusion a year. The doctors currently caring for Owen were surprised, and unable to explain how he had been able to survive without the proper number of transfusions. Owen’s lack of proper medical care left him in a weakened condition which prevented him from being able to attend school or participate in any of the activities with the other children. At New Day, however, he has been able to start school and begin the process of catching up with the learning level of other children his age.

Owen has learned much since arriving to New Day. He has made friends, laughs a ton, is so wonderful with the younger kids, and is learning new games and activities each day. He is in school every day and is picking up the material extremely fast. Owen has brought so much light to New Day. He has transitioned quickly and has gained much of his strength back. He desires to learn and he loves to play with the other children and volunteers. We are so proud of him.

We want every one of our children to succeed. We want them all to thrive and enjoy this life they have been given. We just get to be helpers in that mission, which is such a privilege. We are so happy that Owen is here with us at New Day. Our hope for Owen, and for each of our children, is that they realize how deeply loved and cherished they are. We love getting to see lives touched and healed! 

This post was written by one of our summer interns, Callyanne

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Boys in Shades

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: Ava J

It seems like Ava J (or Renee at the time) has just arrived, but it has been 8 incredible months with this little lady.

When she arrived she was so unsure of her new surroundings as she took everything in with her big, beautiful eyes.

However, we quickly saw glimpses of her sweet and spunky personality.

We knew that she needed treatment for her Thalassemia and were happy to be able to help her get the care she required.

We loved to see her learn and experience new things, like meeting our baby goat and learning to crawl!

Her smiles won over the hearts of everyone who met her, but especially the hearts of her nannies, whom she adored.

Ava recently celebrated her first birthday and soon she'll reach another very important milestone, joining her forever family!

We'll miss seeing her smiling face, but we are honored to have played a part in her transformation, and know that the transformation isn't over in her life, but that it has really just begun!