Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: Ava J

It seems like Ava J (or Renee at the time) has just arrived, but it has been 8 incredible months with this little lady.

When she arrived she was so unsure of her new surroundings as she took everything in with her big, beautiful eyes.

However, we quickly saw glimpses of her sweet and spunky personality.

We knew that she needed treatment for her Thalassemia and were happy to be able to help her get the care she required.

We loved to see her learn and experience new things, like meeting our baby goat and learning to crawl!

Her smiles won over the hearts of everyone who met her, but especially the hearts of her nannies, whom she adored.

Ava recently celebrated her first birthday and soon she'll reach another very important milestone, joining her forever family!

We'll miss seeing her smiling face, but we are honored to have played a part in her transformation, and know that the transformation isn't over in her life, but that it has really just begun!

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