Thursday, August 4, 2016

A New Day Story: Owen

Children love to play, learn, and experience the joys that are offered to them. Here at New Day, our hope is that each child that walks through our doors jumps into a life full of adventure, love, new hope, and true joy. There are many people here at New Day that love teaching our children new games, fun lessons, sharing stories, and providing each child with their exact and unique needs.  When a new child comes, their needs are met and we hope to exceed every expectation they could ever have for their life.

Owen, who arrived at New Day on June 16th 2016, came with a unique story. He was born with Thalassemia and for most of his life dealt with physical weakness. He was recently asked what his favorite games were and he replied with, “sweeping” and “taking out the trash.” For the beginning of Owen’s life, he missed out on being that little boy who likes to play hard, get dirty, and fully embrace life with open arms because of his health and the unclear understanding of his condition. His idea of fun and games changed from trucks and sports to sweeping and taking out the trash.  

Although his physical size and development would suggest a younger age, Owen is 9 years old. Owen arrived at New Day from an orphanage that was not able or equipped to provide him with proper medical care related to his blood disorder. Owen needs a blood transfusion every 3 weeks, but the prior orphanage was only able to provide one transfusion a year. The doctors currently caring for Owen were surprised, and unable to explain how he had been able to survive without the proper number of transfusions. Owen’s lack of proper medical care left him in a weakened condition which prevented him from being able to attend school or participate in any of the activities with the other children. At New Day, however, he has been able to start school and begin the process of catching up with the learning level of other children his age.

Owen has learned much since arriving to New Day. He has made friends, laughs a ton, is so wonderful with the younger kids, and is learning new games and activities each day. He is in school every day and is picking up the material extremely fast. Owen has brought so much light to New Day. He has transitioned quickly and has gained much of his strength back. He desires to learn and he loves to play with the other children and volunteers. We are so proud of him.

We want every one of our children to succeed. We want them all to thrive and enjoy this life they have been given. We just get to be helpers in that mission, which is such a privilege. We are so happy that Owen is here with us at New Day. Our hope for Owen, and for each of our children, is that they realize how deeply loved and cherished they are. We love getting to see lives touched and healed! 

This post was written by one of our summer interns, Callyanne

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