Sunday, August 14, 2016

NDNorth: Circle Time with Rina

Rina is our solid little cuddlebug... And what we wouldn't give sometimes to know what thoughts are swirling around in her mind... 

But when it comes to Circle Time, there's no question as to what her feelings are... Want to join in and see for yourself? Come on!

First all the children and nannies get together and sing hello to each of the children. Today the first activity is rolling the big pink ball! 

Who did you roll it to, Rina? Great job! You are pretty proud of yourself, as you should be! 

Oh, and then come the bubbles... Can we all agree that this is Rina's favorite part? 

I think that squinty smile is all the affirmation we need... Enjoy the rest of Circle Time, princess! 

1 comment:

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