Monday, August 22, 2016

Lessons with Cooper

Recently our staff held a seminar about the character attributes we hope to portray in our lives and in our positions we have at New Day. We want to serve with patience, be unified as a whole, encourage with life giving words, and lead with vision and humility. The 25 character points that we are learning more about are vision, humility, attitude, excellence, innovation, caring, unity, safety, respect, encourage, no gossip, personal health, being adaptable, life-giving, hope, serving, being uncritical, self awareness, testimony, owning the problem, same heart, patience, responsibility, veracity, being equipped.

As much as we desire these character traits for ourselves, we want them for our children as well. We want each one of our children to grow up knowing what it means to love, serve, and lead. We see some of these traits starting to sprout in them already! We hope that they see all of these traits in us so that they too want to adopt them for themselves. We can never be too caring, too loving, too encouraging, too patient, too responsible, or too humble. We should always be working towards a heart that is so tender. We want to encourage our children here to dream big, work hard, and never stop caring for those around them. We hope that their incredibly wonderful stories of restoration will always remind them to do the same for others, to rescue and to love.

We put a humility wristband on Cooper and he was curious to know what it was. We’re excited to get to teach him about what it means to be filled with humility and watch him grow into a man who is humble and kind. We love teaching and learning from our children!!

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