Monday, December 21, 2015

Deck the Halls 2015

We've been busy in the Foster Home...decorating for Christmas!

It's fun to look back at last year's post about this festive activity, to see how much has changed since then.  The most obvious change is in the children; so many pictured in last year's post are now home with their forever families, decorating trees of their own.  There are plenty new arrivals who have taken their places here; some have had a while to get settled in already, while others are still brand-new.

Connie (who is now in the hospital again with some post-surgery complications).

Andrea (above) and Jewel (below).  Aren't they pretty?!

The kids that were here last Christmas are looking so much more grown-up...

It's nice to see that some things are the same as last year though; we have our favorite Australian-American couple, Lloyd & Sarah Margaret, here volunteering again.  New Day is the place to be for Christmas!

'Decking the halls' is so much fun.

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