Monday, December 22, 2014

Deck the Halls 2014

What does 'decorating the house for Christmas' mean in your house?  Here at New Day Foster Home it means a LOT of Christmas trees, lights, baubles, lengths of tinsel, Santa hats...a big deal.  We try to involve all the kids, even if it's just bringing them to stare in amazement at the big tree that has suddenly appeared in their playroom.

Natalie doesn't look too impressed, does she?  Maybe she thinks it needs a bit more tinsel...

Downstairs in the preschool, Selah is wondering if their tree has too many decorations on.  Surely not, Selah!

The sight of the Christmas tree made Seth and Asher very happy!  Actually, these boys are full of Christmas-cheer all year round, but it looks extra-cute with Santa hats on.

Enya did such a great job helping her foster-brother Hudson to decorate the lower branches.

In afternoon preschool, Poppy decided that the tree needed just one more bauble.  Good plan, Poppy - you can never have too many baubles.

This is Robert's first Christmas here at New Day, and he was suitably in awe of the sparkly baubles.

Mark, on the other hand, was here last Christmas and he refused to be impressed by the tree.  Go on, Mark - smile, it's nearly Christmas!

Doesn't Annabel look like she's trying to decide which of the decorations is her favorite?  It's a tough choice, sweet girl.

As usual, Talia mainly wants to know how it all works.  "I wonder what will happen if I pull on this...?".

Out in the backyard school room, the girls were unpacking a bag of decorations and deciding which bauble to hang first...

...while Judah, recovering in his room from his recent orthopedic surgery, was very happy to have a fun tree of his own to decorate.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here - how about your house?

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