Sunday, December 20, 2015

NDNorth: Introducing...

We have a new arrival! Meet little Lucas. He was born September 5, 2013 and arrived at the orphanage two years later, September, 2015. He was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect. 

When we first met Lucas he urgently needed heart surgery, and he was transferred to another foster care center in Beijing where he had surgery. He returned to the orphanage December, 2015. 

Lucas struggled upon his return to Inner Mongolia, and the orphanage requested that we add him into our project temporarily. Lucas joined the New Day North House of Hope December 12, 2015... he was such a sad little guy.

Over Lucas' first weekend with us, the nannies contacted us with incredible news, "He smiling!" "He's eating well!" "He can say 'Ayi'!" "He can walk!"

Only one weekend of consistent, 'you are valued, darling' care and Lucas had already begun to blossom.

It's so easy for him to just curl up on the floor and watch Leon and Paul goof off... but then, when things are quiet, if you're watching carefully, Lucas will sit up on his own and begin to play.

Held in Anna's gentle arms for a big, warm bottle -- it's exactly what a child who has forgotten how special he is needs.

Lucas' birthdate makes him a little over two years-old. He spent the first two years of his life not in an orphanage, and then the last three months in too many different locations. There has been significant trauma in his life, but our nannies are getting really good at reminding children of how precious they are.

...and suddenly, a smile. in the ball-pit.

...and a little boy who looked so ill and traumatized soon looks a little bit more like a silly, cuddly two year-old.

Lucas is only in our care temporarily, but it's already looking like this short time is going to mean so much for his tender heart. 

Welcome, Lucas.

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