Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Shopping!!!

The big question is...have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?  We are happy to announce that we have!

A group of volunteers and staff took a trip to a huge indoor market to buy gifts for the children.  They had nice big envelopes full of money to spend, thanks to you generous people who signed up to sponsor the kids.

Each shopper had a list of kids to shop for, and they had so much fun picking out things that they would like.

Don't tell Hudson, but Sean was able to get him something he's been really wanting...a RC helicopter! The kids didn't write any letters to Santa, but Hudson has been talking to our photographer, GanLu, about things that he would really like to receive.  His foster-sister, Enya, received a package from a sponsor recently, and he was very keen to know when he would be getting some gifts himself...don't worry, Hudson - Christmas is coming!

The volunteers shopped long and hard for the perfect gifts for every child.  Suits you, Lloyd.

Back in the village, some of the staff shopped for something we always need; shoes!

After the shopping comes...wrapping.  We ordered plenty of Christmas gift-wrap online, and another group of volunteers helped to wrap all the purchases.

Here they are, hard at work in the preschool:

Another big question...do you trust your little ones with gifts under the tree before Christmas day?! Thankfully, as our kids are never left unattended (and we have a handy fenced-off ball-pit), we're able to put some of the gifts under the tree in the playroom.

The rest of the gifts are stacked by the tree in the preschool.  Don't they look wonderful?  We can't wait to see their faces when they open them!

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