Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Talia

Talia arrived at New Day Foster Home almost three years ago, when she was five months old.

The last part of her bio reads "...we know that her life is one of worth and her story, though sad, will one day have a happy ending. There is a deep sadness in her eyes which we hope will one day be replaced by overwhelming Joy."

Talia had a number of health issues, and one of them was something that her orphanage was totally unable to handle.  Talia needed a liver transplant within the year, or she would die.  The local hospitals were not able to do a liver transplant, and the chances of an organ becoming available for her were technically non-existent.

So Talia came to us, a sad, unwell little girl who had been abandoned only a month earlier. Along with good nutrition and excellent medical care, she needed big doses of love.

We began to see her sweet smile, and her quirky personality, and spent the next ten months pouring love into her as she grew.  Still, Talia's liver disease caused her much discomfort, her color became more jaundiced and her belly more distended.  Her time was running out...

At the end of May we got a call saying that there was a liver on the way to the hospital, and if Talia could get there in time and was healthy enough for surgery, it would be hers.

The 9.5 hour surgery was a success - Talia had a new liver!

There were an anxious couple of days while we waited to see whether Talia's body would accept the new liver or not, but on day three Talia was taken off the ventilator.  A month later she was released from the hospital.

That was nearly two years ago.  Over the last couple of years, Talia has been pretty busy, recovering from the surgery...and growing up.

She started preschool, and started to wear a BAHA device to help with her hearing.

Talia LOVES animals.  You can read blog posts about her meeting Tom the doga cat, and even a worm.  Talia has even ridden a pony!

With plenty of encouragement, Talia learnt to walk.  She looks rather pleased with herself, doesn't she?

She smiles some beautiful smiles...

...but is also often found with a serious, inquisitive expression on her face.

We're so thankful that Talia got her chance at life, and that the world gets the blessing of the awesome person that she is.

We are still in awe of her Amazing Story.  We have been privileged to be a part of the start of her happy ending, but there is 'more' still to come!

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