Monday, July 19, 2010

"Everybody Loves Me!"

Have you met Willa yet? She's a sweet little girl who did something today that most children her age will never do. She just had surgery! You hardly would have guessed it - she walks so well, but Willa was born with a clubbed foot. She walks with a limp, but that doesn't stop her from taking the stairs, and when asked to hop on one foot... she uses the foot least expected.

Today, as we arrived at her hospital where she was waiting for surgery, we asked her, "Willa, what's happening today?" "I'm going to have surgery on my foot!" she responded. With a beautiful smile on her face, and nodding as she understood, Willa listened as Grace told her what was going to happen so that she would be prepared. "Okay, okay" she said with a courageous gleam in her eye, and when the time came for us to say "goodbye" as she was wheeled into the operating room, that spark was still there.

After a lightning quick surgery (only 2 hours!) Willa returned. Even in her groggy state Willa smiled when she saw familiar faces. As she woke up she began to get excited. "Soon I'll be able to wear shoes!" she said. "In a little while I will walk so well!" she beamed. "Were you scared?" we asked. "No," she replied. When asked how many days she would be in the hospital, she held up three little fingers and grinned. Willa, you're so brave! Just try to keep your foot still.... you have to let it rest!

Before the surgery Willa said something precious, something that encourages and confirms all that we do.

"Mama loves me. Aunties love me. Everybody loves me!"

That's so true, Willa, and we're so happy that you came here to receive that love.

Posted by Hannah


  1. So sweet!!! What a gorgeous precious little face! :)

  2. A beautiful smile and a beautiful spirit to go with it.

    And we love you too Willa!!

  3. What a little sweetheart!!! It's so touching to see how happy she was about being able to wear shoes! The little things we take for granted...

  4. Miss you, babygirl!

    My students will be so happy to hear this!


  5. my niece laney and her best friend chelsey are volunteering at the healing home starting today. it was their first choice and they are very excited to be working with all of you! i hope that all continues to go well for willa and all the children there! willa has a great spirit! amazing is right!

  6. What a sweet precious angel! What innocence! A testimony to ND for the love they shower on all these children! i can't wait to see Willa's new shoes!!

  7. Praise God for Willa and that she KNOWS so many people love her...isn't that what it's all about LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    praying quick recovery to sweet willa,

  8. What an absolutely precious little girl!!! God bless her.

  9. What a sweet little HUNNY!! PTL for a fast surgery and trusting Him for an even quicker recovery!! Can't WAIT to see that post of her sporting her new shoes... I think it would be a GREAT Wordless Wed post! ;)

    Yes, Sweet Willa...indeed you ARE SO LOVED!!

  10. I only wish I could adopt again! (Silly singles rule!) Willa is beautiful and we happen to live only 30 minutes from a hospital known world wide for treating children with her condition. Unfortunately Doctor Ponseti died last year, but his legend lives on in all those he trained in his methods. God bless you little Willa.

  11. I am completely smitten! So precious:)

  12. Sweet Willa ... you sponsor family from Hong Kong loves you too! We are praying for your recovery and think of you CONSTANTLY!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  13. I love this post. Little does she know, she's loved all the way in America.