Monday, June 1, 2015

All About Ari

Ari has been in the care of New Day Foster Home since January last year, but it feels like most of us are just beginning to get to know him because he's always been either in hospital or in the CCU.  This month, Ari moved out of the CCU into the baby room!

This means that a lot more people get to meet him.  He's such a sociable little guy, and really enjoys being held and talked to.

The babies come outside more often than the CCU kids, and Ari seems to really enjoy the fresh air, and all the excitement of the backyard.  He's even getting to meet some of the bigger kids, which he's very happy about.

Ari loves to use his voice!  He can often be heard babbling, and can say a few words already.

The big challenge for Ari now is to develop enough muscle strength to support his enlarged head.  At the moment he still needs someone or something to support it for him, but he looks pretty pleased about sitting up like a big boy, doesn't he?

Ari is now having daily physical therapy sessions with Zoey.

Every day they work on stretching out his muscles, and will do a variety of activities to improve his body strength.

Zoey found a creative and fun way to transport Ari from the baby room to the therapy room (he's getting quite heavy to carry)...

Ari really enjoys his food.  He does a great job of showing the little babies how to finish up a bowl of noodles!

Keep up the good work, amazing Ari - grow strong, and keep smiling your sweet smile. We're so glad to get to know you.

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