Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's a Revolving Door

A lot has gone on in the last six weeks. A lot.  Since the middle of June, five children have been adopted, and five children have been placed into foster families. As we said farewell to Sage, Joshua, Joy, Elliot and Hannah, we knew that we would soon be saying hello to some new little ones. It took a little while, but in the past three weeks we have welcomed seven new children into our family.

We started with "the twins." I'm sure that you're all big fans by now. Ava and Nora just turned a year old, have mild heart conditions and fight like sisters are simply adorable.



Not a week after Ava and Nora arrived, we welcomed Violet and James into our family. Violet only has one eye and is five weeks old. She's as sweet as can be, sleeps a lot, and is the perfect little sister to her roommate, Wendy.

James is also five weeks old, but his transition into NDFH wasn't as smooth as Violet's. A few days after he arrived, James experienced three episodes of cardiac arrest before we were able to transport him into the hospital. Our staff was able to perform CPR and keep him alive and James was admitted into PICU immediately.

His condition continues to go back and forth, from stable to uncertain, as the doctors and nurses strive to strengthen his weak little body in preparation for the necessary tests that will prepare him for his much-needed heart surgery.

Last Thursday we expected to be hit with a huge rainstorm, but it never rained. Why? We're certain that the reason is little Annabel. She was on her way to Beijing from her orphanage, where she had just been checked out of the hospital. They were bringing her here to check into one of the best hospitals and transfer her into our care. To see if anything could be done - if there was any hope left.

Annabel made it. She is currently in the hospital fighting for her life, struggling with a severe esophagus/trachea deformity and a collapsed lung, but she is alive today. Please keep little 5lb, six weeks old Annabel in your thoughts.


Annabel wasn't the only one in the car that Thursday afternoon. We welcomed little Talley as well. Talley has biliary atresia (same as Alea), a heart condition and a cleft palate. She's a tiny little five month old whose sorrowful eyes will one day be full of joy, if we have anything to do with it.

Jeffery arrived the next day and is the most handsome not-quite-two-months-old we've ever seen. He loves to sleep and eat and be held, just like a little guy his age should.

We have a revolving door. It's been spinning faster than usual the last six weeks... but we love it!


  1. They are ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to "see" them progress.

  2. The door may be revolving but there is a LOT of love in the "spin"! :)

  3. What a blessing that revolving door is. Open for new ones needing to be poured into. Some heading on to new ventures after physical (and much emotional) healing. Doors open again for broken hearts and souls...
    So excited to be headed back to meet some of the new arrivals!