Thursday, January 4, 2018

Transformation: Elias

In September of 2016 a little boy arrived with a serious heart condition. He was almost 5 months old and needed surgery soon. He was named George and though it was risky we knew there was no other choice but to say yes to loving and caring for this precious boy.

As we told George's story people came together to make his surgery a reality. His surgery was completed successfully about a month after George arrived.

As George recovered we were able to see more of his personality come out.

We celebrated his first Christmas and his first birthday.

We saw his beautiful smile and heard his infectious laughter.

We cheered for George as he reached milestones and gave him all the cuddles he needed.

And, we rejoiced when we heard that he was matched with his forever family.

George is now Elias, and soon he was be a son.

We are so excited for this sweet, silly little boy. A little boy that proves taking risks is so worth it!

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