Monday, December 8, 2014

A Four-legged Visitor

A while ago we had a special little visitor to the Foster Home.  Maybe it was 'Bring Your Pet to Work' day here in China, or maybe Amy just thought that the children would enjoy meeting a cat...

She was right, of course.  Most of the children were VERY interested.  Don't you just love Talia's expression of fascination and amazement?

Some of the kids didn't really know what to make of such a creature, but were happy to get close and take a good look.

Others were more wary...Nelson kept his distance for a while, before deciding that it would be safe to come a little nearer!

What do you think Austyn thought of the cat...?  Would he be disinterested or afraid...?

Not a bit!  He was very happy to meet the furry visitor.

Violet and Lukas were keen to meet a new friend too.

The friendly and patient cat even got to go upstairs to the therapy room, where Iris was very happy to post for a picture.

It looks like Poppy was the cat's favorite though - don't they look sweet together?!

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