Friday, September 19, 2014

All about Robert

Robert just turned 18 months old - such a huge milestone for a little guy. All of the children in New Day's care have some sort of special medical need, and often these needs keep the little ones from progressing at quite the speed of other children. Robert has certainly had some challenges to overcome, but with lots of therapy and encouragement and practice, he is well on his way to doing more and more things!

He is a quieter boy and easily entertains himself. He is very pleasant and easygoing, such a delightful little guy to have around. He keeps to himself, but immediately smiles if someone comes over to him. He loves being played with! He is also really ticklish and has the cutest smile and giggle. sometimes just catching his eye causes him to start giggling and babbling!

Robert usually lays on his back or stomach to play. He isn't quite able to pull himself up to sitting, but can sit steadily, leaning on his hands, if you help him get to that position. Robert isn't crawling yet, but he's getting close! He is beginning to scoot on his stomach, especially if there's something to get to. Just watch him!

Robert plays well with the babies. He enjoys shaking and banging things - what' boy doesn't?! Robert just loves just hitting the floor with his hands like a drum.  He is definitely learning how to figure out his environment

As far as language goes, Robert hasn't figured out how to use words, but he has learned how to use his voice! He's got the cutest babble. Just listen to him!

And can you even handle his dimple? It's way too precious...

Robert has only been at New Day for nine months, but in this time he has come so far! One of our summer volunteers (also named Robert) wrote this about little Robert:

I spent three months at New Day this summer and over that time I got to see many kids make a lot of progress developmentally. Robert was one of the kids I saw make huge progress! I was especially excited to meet Robert as he has one extra special trait - he shares the same name as me! When I first arrived at the end of May he was gaining strength in his neck in order to support his head. The nannies would put him on his stomach and help him lift up his head.

As time went on he learned to crawl, which gave him the freedom to go and play with the toy he wanted to! Then we helped him sit up. At first he needed a lot of support! Each day he got stronger and stronger, and with the help of the therapist Zoe, and his nannies he could then sit up using his hands to support himself! He was so proud of himself! Then, he practiced lifting each hand up, testing his balance, until finally Robert could sit up without support! Robert has become more independent as time has gone on, though he does still love a snuggle every now and then!

I loved spending time with Robert. He is one of the most easy-going and relaxed kids I've met! He loves going outside to the backyard, playing with toys, listening to music and crawling around. As the summer went on, he would babble more and more, and begin to imitate some sounds! I'm excited to now see what more progress he will make!

The face of focus
...staying super-still so that Iris can climb on top

We can't wait to see what you learn how to do next, little one.

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