Saturday, September 20, 2014

NDSouth: The Places We Could Go!

As we've shared over the last few weeks, morning preschool here at New Day South is where a lot of fun and educational things happen. Some of the things we like to encourage in preschool includes things such as creativity, sharing, as well as playing together. So what's a fun way to encourage all of the above? Playtime, of course! And what were our toys of choice earlier this week? Well, we'll let you see that for yourself...

The children love playing together, and even though we do have our occasional sibling-like spat, they have a lot of fun playing together, too. That said, everyone knows that Hayden's favorite car is the police SUV, and ever so kindly, Ada and Amy are often quick to find it for him.

As far as creativity is concerned, we love when the kids really get into whatever activity we're doing, and as you can see, Ada was all in on this particular morning.

Amy and Chris enjoyed playing together too.

Amy is such a sweet big sister to him. She is often encouraging him as he learns new things or is redoing old ones, and playing with cars was no exception. She was more than willing to show him all the fun that could be had...

...and before long we think it's safe to say that he was having it. Isn't that right, Chris?

Yes, preschool can be lots fun. So stay tuned; we're sure there will be a new adventure before too much longer!

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