Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Robert Starts Therapy

An exciting thing happened in the therapy room...Robert started his therapy! 

Robert’s first session consisted of activities that helped him sit up, hold his head up, turn his head sideways, and crawl.  It is so exciting to see Robert’s progress, comparing what he can do now with what he could do when he came to New Day. 

When Robert came to New Day, he couldn’t lift his head up or move around on the floor at all. Now, however, he can hold his heavy head up very well, and we are helping him gain even more mobility by being able to turn his head sideways.

He also has just recently started crawling around on the floor! This has opened up a whole world of opportunities for him to be able to get where he wants to go without being carried or moved. We are really excited to help him crawl better in therapy. 

In therapy, Robert had his knees and ankles massaged and stretched, and he learned how to balance his weight on his hands and knees rather than his stomach.

Overall, our first session with Robert was fun and exciting.  We are expecting him to keep improving with every session.  We hope to see Robert sitting up and crawling around on his own very soon!

This post was written by Grace, one of our Summer Staff volunteers

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