Monday, August 11, 2014

How To Make Robert Happy

Robert is such a cheerful little man.  He is generally contented, and it doesn't take much to take him from contented to super-happy.

His nanny, Hannah, clearly adores him and knows just how to make him smile and giggle.  It's hard to convey in just words and pictures, so we thought a video would show it better...

Robert loves to play with toys, but loves interacting with people even more.  Hannah encourages him to say "mama" and he makes such a good effort, with his sweet little voice. He clearly loves being talked to, and a shoulder massage is an extra-special treat for him.  His head is quite heavy, which means that his neck and shoulder muscles have to work extra-hard to support it.  It sure looks like it feels good!

It's so fun for Robert to work on developing new skills.  He's happy to practice clapping, one of his favorite things.  He's still at the stage of being amazed by his own hands sometimes, and he loves to show off what he can do.  Learning to clap hands with Hannah is something new, and he was pretty pleased with himself when he got it!

Hannah takes such wonderful care of him, helping to support his head, and laying him down for a rest after a while.  Love is making such a wonderful difference in Robert's life.

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