Monday, March 3, 2014

{Where They Are Now} Will!

Ya'll remember Will, right? He arrived at New Day Foster Home in June 2010, a tiny little guy in need of a lot of love.

Will's First Christmas 

First birthday!

First Steps!
We got to celebrate his first and second birthdays... his first day of preschool... his almost first steps, and then his real first steps... we have watched him charm the ladies over and over again, and then rejoiced when he left to join his forever family.

With his nanny, Faye
Finally, it's time to let you in on a little secret, one that most of you probably know already...

psst... Will is a movie star. 

Well, not a "movie star" exactly. He's, in our humble-but-strongly-held-opinion, the star of a reality TV show called, The Little Couple. Supposedly it stars his parents, but we're pretty sure that it actually stars Will.

Photo Credit: TLC
After Will left, we gathered the older kids and some of the staff to watch some recorded episodes of Will's show. It was a huge hit with everybody, we can't get enough of Will!

TLC, who produces The Little Couple, recently contacted us. They wondered if we wouldn't mind reminding all of Will's world-wide fans from before his stardom hit the big screens, that the new season begins Tuesday, March 4th 9|10c. This is the big season where he meets his little sister, and we can't wait to see them together!

Will Today

What about you? Will you be watching? 


  1. I remember the first day this amazing boy came into the ND home :D Beyond cute from day one! Miss this cutie, but joyed to see him growing well and with that wonderful contagious smile getting bigger and bigger!

  2. I watched The Little Couple, and followed NDFH on FB. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the TV one night and those two worlds had collided! Very, very cool. Will has a big future!

  3. We saw Will and his family this summer in Florida in an ice cream shop and talked for a while. Such a sweet boy. <3