Monday, March 3, 2014

Sweet Stella

Stella isn't old enough for preschool yet, so we only see her when she comes in for monthly check-ups or celebrations. Today, however, we decided to go and visit her at her foster family's home in the village! Stella and her foster grandpa were there to greet us. 

She was so kind to show us around the grounds of her home in the village. Where is your room, Stella?

A game of peek-a-boo brought the giggles out. 

Who was hiding? Why, Wangshu, our foster family manager! He's called "Yeye" by all of the little ones in foster families, which means "grandpa." They adore him. 

When it came time to say goodbye, Stella and her foster grandma walked us down the path to the main road. The village that New Day Foster Home is located in is a pretty rural place, surrounded by wheat and cornfields. People live simply here, eating fresh vegetables and spending most of their time right here, in the village, because this is where they grew up. It's a rich and beautiful place.

Stella has always been breathtakingly gorgeous, even the first day she arrived as a baby with a buzz cut. We're excited to announce that Stella has been matched with an adoptive family! We hope that they will be able to travel to bring her home soon, but until then she's safe, sound and happy with her foster family.

In case the pictures weren't cute enough, check out the video we have of Stella playing peekaboo with Yeye.


  1. These are truly precious people who foster children, and the extended family that show these little ones how it is suppose to be for all children. I think a little piece of their hearts must be torn away even though they are also experience joy at each child who is going home with their forever family. May the God of us all bless them richly.

  2. Stella is a darling cherub! Love her hairdo. So happy to hear she has been matched with an adoptive family.

  3. Congratulations, Miss Stella. We have loved sponsoring you and are SO HAPPY that your mama & baba are coming for you!