Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Day of School {Video}

Josiah's first day of preschool was a few weeks ago, but we forgot to share the video we took of Josiah during song-time. Better late than never, right?

This was taken Josiah's first day in preschool, and as you will see in just a minute, he caught on to the singing and hand motions very quickly.

Hmmm... now what's it going to take for us to post a video of song-time today?


  1. Oh wow, Hannah, these are great!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing these "precious moments!" Thank you all a million times over for all that you are doing there for these wonderful children! :)

  2. He has grown up sooo mcuh! I would say he is an electric lime in the crayon box. Unique and bright? More videos please :D

  3. I really could just eat him up. What a difference you guys have made in his life. I remember holding him the first day he arrived. He was tiny and so sick. And now he's a chunky little guy :) Can't wait to see you soon, baby! 2 months!