Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting to Know You...

Over the past few weeks the dynamics in the upstairs playroom have changed dramatically. Just a few months ago we were busy chasing Cora around, helping Jennifer walk and pinching Shaun's cheeks. Now they have moved downstairs and our arms are full of little tiny babies.

Josiah and Jayce came first.

At 3 1/2 months old, Josiah was the oldest of the two. Jayce was only two weeks old! They were both very tiny when they arrived. Preemie clothes were the only ones that fit. Within just one month these two little boys have changed so much that it just takes your breath away. Josiah, who used to be mere skin and bones, is now an almost chubby little guy with a huge grin.

Jayce, though he still spends most of his time sleeping, has gained weight and is appearing to be quite a charmer.

For about two weeks these guys maintained the "littlest" title, but that all ended last week with the arrival of two more tiny babies.

Enter Jayden! Jayden is one of the most alert, strongest, cutest and by far the tiniest 6-month old I have ever seen. Just look at her spunk!

She does not enjoy being cradled like a baby (except when she is tired), and would prefer to sit in a lap. Jayden also loves to stand up by pushing on someone's hands and finding her own footing! It's amazing to see what this little girl can do.

While we're on a "J" streak, before I introduce the other little ones, let me re-introduce Judah. You all know him, and we all love him like crazy. If we could use one word to describe Judah it would be "joy". He's such a happy little guy!

Judah's favorite thing right now is the "Itsy, Bitsy Spider." He asks for it multiple times a day and his ability to perform the motions is rapidly improving. Judah loves the outdoors and sits up straight and alert when we go on walks. He doesn't miss a thing.

Caleb is the smallest right now, and though his name does not start with a "J", he has certainly been folded into our little family upstairs. We are excited to see him stable, and look forward to the day when he is healthy enough to come and play.

Our newest arrival, Evangeline, is a sweet little girl with beautiful eyes. She arrived this past weekend and is already winning hearts. She loves kisses and cuddles, and we're good at doing that!

Our lovely ladies - already best friends!


Posted by Hannah


  1. Aw....they are so precious! Judah has grown so much!
    Praying right now for all those sweet babies!

  2. I love seeing the arrival of new babies!!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, although ALL precious, Ying Li has the most beautiful eyes! WOW. She is like a princess. Just when I said to myself that I would NOT fall in love with anymore little folks. How silly of me. How would someone not love all these children?! It's so exciting to begin new chapters in so many lives!
    Bless you all!

  4. I LOVED seeing this update with Judah in it ...he has always had a special place in my heart and we continue to keep him in our prayers for a miracle... considering the miracle he already is!! :)

    And those new arrivals... oh-so-precious! Talk about cuteness overload!! ;) Khloe loves looking at the new photos, too. It's so fun to have her here looking in to where she used to be and recognizing the different places, rooms and many of the kiddos!

  5. God loves the littel children...He is smiling down on ND for all the good your doing for His babies & and all the precious children at ND.

    God bless,