Thursday, February 23, 2012

Much Anticipated

Finally! The much anticipated birthday party day arrived. Do you remember turning five? Or six? If you do, then you know just how special this birthday party was for Lily and Philip. Lily was so touched to be crowned the birthday princess. The realness of the tiara sobered her a little as she contemplated all that she has been through this past year.

Luke didn't totally understand what all the excitement was about. He and Philip are foster brothers, so their foster mom was so proud and happy to be there for both boy's birthday celebrations.

"May I blow out the candles now?" Philip eagerly asked when we had finished singing. Six. He's practically a grown-up now.

Lily was so excited when it came time to light the five candles on her cake. Clapping her hands over her mouth and letting out a wondrous sigh, she sang along as loud as she could to her own birthday song.

After naps, Jonathan and Josiah found themselves in the classroom for our afternoon preschool birthday party! Jonathan turned one this month. He's growing into a strong and happy little boy who loves to crawl, chew on toys, and be hand fed by his adoring nannies.

The most exciting birthday, though, may have been Josiah's. He's going to be the newest preschool student and we've already put his picture on the little wooden chair that used to be Philip's. Josiah's face lit up with the candles, and he clapped his hands and grinned as we sang. He also signed "cookie" when he saw the cake. Cookies and cake are close, right?

All eyes were on Josiah as he took his first bite of birthday cake. Knowing our little man, we were pretty sure that he would love it.

We were right. Josiah loved the cake so much that he ditched his fork and went all in. We have some other coated-with-cake pictures, but we may just have to save those for Josiah's parents (and his high school graduation slide show!).

More birthday pictures will be in the scrapbook soon!

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  1. What a wonderful treat for the children to be in a place where they are celebrated on their birthdays!