Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maya's Big News

It is with great JOY that we'd like to announce that Maya, the little one who was literally dying in our arms just a year ago... 

...has taken her first steps!

Wait? That's not the news that you were hoping for? You're still excited for her, right?


Because we have some even better news for you.




Oh Maya, how our hearts sing for you. Now there will be no more chemo. Your hair will keep growing in thick. You will grow strong, and healthy, and whole. No longer will you be labelled with the dreaded "c" word, no longer will you have to worry about getting sick because the chemotherapy is making your body weak.

You can grow big and tall. You can have your ENT surgeries (sorry, sweet one... but you'll be happy when they're over, trust us!) and then, one day soon.... you can have a family forever.

There's a lump in our throats, a closing up because the JOY is too deep and too tangible. It's overwhelming and it's so, so good.


  1. So great! I wait for a third new; a forever family for Maya. Hope it will be soon, litlle fighter.

  2. This makes my heart sing...God bless you, Maya, and the love of your huge, extended family. I look forward to seeing your progress in the coming months. For now, you have taken you first big step - both literally and figuratively!