Saturday, May 25, 2013


Little Benjamin was a teeny, tiny thing when he arrived. He fit perfectly in the crook of one's arm and his little body curled up just like a baby's is supposed to do.

He was only 2kg when he arrived into our care and was admitted into the hospital for emergency surgery. Some weight was gained post-op, but little Ben was still tiny when he came home!

It took a few months, but just recently Benjamin has officially doubled in weight! He's now 4kg, which is over 8lb! He's gotten especially good about opening his eyes wide, too.

...and the personality that we knew was hiding in this tiny body is emerging. Could he be any goofier? 

Last week Benjamin was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia. He wasn't doing well for a few days and had to be cared for in PICU, but is now in the regular ward and scheduled to be released from the hospital on Monday! We're so happy for his improvement, as we know that recovery is tough for one so tiny who has been through so much already.

Even though Benjamin was born premature with a life-threatening congenital defect, he has met one of his first milestones: doubling in weight by 4 months old. And the possibility of him tripling this weight by the time he's a year old... that just blows our mind.

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