Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Full Head of Hair (12 Days of CNY - Extended!)

What?! you must be thinking. Yesterday was Chinese New Year, and you featured Alea and her miracle on here and that was amazing and now I thought that you would be getting back to regular blogging?

Well, almost. You should have seen the list of amazing stories and spotlights that we wanted to do on the children. We could have featured every single one here, and cried big tears as we remembered their miracles, transformation and re-births. That would take months, however, so we tried to limit ourselves to 12 children. And we failed. But we're not feeling too guilty about it, because this is a pretty neat story.

You may not have read the third part to Maya's Amazing Story; we just put it on the website a week ago. So case you've missed out, I'm going to re-post it here, because it's too incredible to miss out on.

Maya began chemotherapy to prevent the spread of cancer cells in her body post-tumor removal on May 20th, and continued with one treatment each week and a week of treatments every three weeks. During the week of chemotherapy, Maya would often come home exhausted and sleep through the afternoon. Once Maya’s platelet count got too low and she needed to be admitted into the hospital for blood transfusions, but she otherwise remained remarkably healthy and strong. When Maya should have been weak and tired, she was strong and full of giggles.

Her nannies often told us when she returned home from chemotherapy treatments that “Maya had smiled at the nurse who gave her the shot.” And there was something else remarkable that her nannies noticed. All of the other children at the hospital receiving chemotherapy treatments were bald – they had no hair. But Maya? Her hair was long, though thin. And then, just a few months ago, Maya’s hair began to thicken. Daily and weekly chemotherapy treatments seemed to have no effect on her hair, if only to make it thicker.

It is another miracle… another piece of tangible evidence that God gives good gifts to his children.

Want to see our happy girl in action?

And that, everybody, is that. Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you for your incredible generosity these past 12 days, and for the way that you have helped NDFH to touch other lives by sharing the stories we've been posting.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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