Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Conquering Chemo

Maya is one of the most incredible little babies you will ever meet. She's been through so much, it's almost hard to comprehend the fight that her body and spirit have been through since she was born.
Maya still needs chemotherapy treatments, and she is the kind of baby who either comes home and sleeps the afternoon because she's so exhausted, or she giggles and plays and her big brown eyes sing, "I'm not tired, I'm just fine!"

We love you, Maya, and we're so proud of how strong you are. We can't wait until you are done with chemotherapy and can live a normal life. Until then, we're so happy that you can live such a wonderfully happy life.


  1. Such beautiful spirit amidst the battles of her young life. Continuing to keep her in our prayers and SO happy she is in your arms until her forever family comes for her!

  2. Hello! My 6th grade daughter would like to buy some things for Maya. What size is she and what does she like? Can you tell us more about her? She is adorable!

  3. Oh Maya is such a lively spirit! The last photo of her standing on her crib rails is THE BEST! What perseverance and zest for life!

  4. She's such an acrobatic little girl!