Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eleven Risks Worth Taking (12 Days of CNY)

Loving little Michael has been a wonderful risk. He has a serious heart condition and will need another surgery to help repair his heart. He had his first surgery one year ago.
Michael's story has been one of miracles and of victory. When he was in severe heart failure, having to be sedated because his heart function was so poor and every time he fussed he turned bluer than he already was... Michael survived. His emergency heart surgery was a success.
When Michael returned home after surgery and struggled to stabilize, needing supplemental oxygen around the clock and scaring us with his labored breathing... he held strong and soon grew into the happy, often-pink, little boy you see below.

Michael has gone from a baby who was dying to a little boy who's life gets fuller and brighter each day. Loving him... it's risky, because he's still waiting for surgery #2, but it's SO amazing and so worth it.
Even when we weren't sure if Michael would make it, loving him was a risk worth taking. If we believed it then, when he was purple and struggling to breath, how much easier should it be to believe it now, as he claps his hands and dances to the music.
Bringing in children is a risk. Adopting children is a risk (If you've ever adopted before, you're nodding your head right now!). And loving... it's a risk. But it's these good risks that become  real-life miracles. 

Every dollar that you donate to our Acute Care fund is going to change lives, and to turn blue lips pink, and turn faces that are etched with struggle into faces that can't keep out the smiles.


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