Friday, March 23, 2012

Susan's Little Blessing

When Michael was transferred from PICU into the heart hospital in preparation for the surgery that he needed so badly, we sent one of our nannies to stay with him. Her name is Susan. Daily, we heard from Susan as Michael underwent tests the next few days. She told us that he was not doing well, that she was not able to sleep at night in fear for him... that he never left her arms.

When Michael was rushed in for emergency surgery Friday morning, Susan was the one who handed his quickly failing body to the nurse. Our hearts were in our throats as the surgeon operated on Michael... but for Susan, who had been his only Mama for the past week, she felt that Mother's anxiety and her heart literally hurt as his was repaired.

Two days after Michael's surgery, I met Susan on the road. "You must be tired" I said to her. She nodded, "He was so sick. I was always shouting for the nurses to come and give him some medicine... to do something to save this little boy's life. He's inside of my heart now. My heart hurt for him. I feel love for him like he is my own son."

And then, a week later, when we got the shocking phone call that Michael was well enough to be released from the hospital, Susan could hardly believe it. Her face lit up in joyful surprise, and as he was carried back into the foster home, it was her arms that welcomed him.

Today, Michael is doing very well. He's growing, smiling, and talking in that sweet baby way.

Susan calls him, "小幅" which means, "Little Blessing."

It's a perfect name, we think.


  1. Beautiful...the love Michael felt from Susan could very well be what gave him the strength to fight to stay alive.

  2. and Susan is Michael's big blessing! Amazing how she fought and stood up for him as a momma does. Children most definitely can feel that protective love ... and her pleading heart was no doubt heard above!