Friday, February 8, 2013

The 12 Days of CNY: Day 10, Kevin's Story

Our Kevin

Here is our New Day miracle boy Kevin:

We first saw his picture in January 2009. After looking at his file along with the various cardiologist
opinions, it was apparent that without further medical attention, Kevin would be in dire straits. Kevin
was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart condition. He has dextrocardia, heterotaxy, hypoplastic
left heart syndrome, & large VSD. He also had severe pulmonary hypertension. When he was almost
two he was moved from his orphanage in Hunan province to New Day in hopes of receiving the medical care he so desperately needed.

Here he is upon first arriving at New Day: Scared, Sick, Sullen & Shy Kevin is a rare case, and the surgeons in Beijing were very concerned that he would not survive surgery.

It was decided that Kevin needed to wait until he could be adopted to attempt any surgical procedures
on his weak and frail little body. The nannies at the Healing Home at New Day took such good care of Kevin.

They made sure he did not overly exert himself. They made sure he had healthy foods to eat. They
kept a close eye on Kevin’s oxygen levels. And above all of these necessities, they made sure Kevin was loved, loved, and loved some more. Oh how thankful we are for the tender care his nannies, as well as so many interns and staff gave to Kevin. We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God used New Day to save Kevin for us.

Upon arriving home it was indeed confirmed that Kevin’s pulmonary hypertension was too extensive
for him to survive the Glenn procedure, which he needed for his single ventricle heart defect. Instead
of the Glenn, Kevin received a much less invasive BT shunt to redirect blood flow and hopefully help
repair his damaged lungs. Our hope is that over time, his lungs will be in a good place that he might
receive his heart repair surgery. We praise God that in the two years since his shunt was placed, his
lungs have improved somewhat, and he is doing really well! Are his lungs to that ‘magic number’ where the doctors feel comfortable performing the surgery? Not yet. Will they ever be? God knows. Here is what we do know: God saved Kevin. While most moms of heart babies are thankful their children had heart surgery at New Day, we are thankful Kevin did NOT have surgery! The surgeons in Beijing were wise and discerning in suggesting Kevin needed to wait on surgery. Indeed, his little lungs just couldn’t have taken it. What a BLESSING that New Day has such caring doctors who look to the best interest of each child, taking into account their individual health and prognosis.

The unconditional love that New Day shows to each child truly brings healing. Maybe their physical
defects cannot be immediately healed, but their little hearts and souls are soothed with the balm of love and physical touch. They are EACH so very WORTH IT ALL.

The 12 days of Chinese New Year fundraiser seeks to raise money for New Day’s acute care fund, helping many of these children receive the surgeries and long term medical care they need. Though Kevin’s condition at New Day didn’t result in a surgery, I know that many of the tests and x-rays he had most assuredly cost money. Was he ever in need of acute care? No. Those tests and x-rays showed the surgeons that Kevin would be harmed if surgery were attempted. I thank God for all who give to New Day! My son, my high spirited little son, is walking, playing, breathing, living life to the fullest….because of God’s gracious gift of New Day Foster Home. We can all see that every dollar given to New Day goes toward changing and saving LIVES of children who are WORTH IT ALL!

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