Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ten Ways to Win (12 Days of CNY)

For some odd reason, this post never published like it was supposed to on the 8th! So we're going to air it today, and will post the 12th day post tomorrow. Hope that ya'll don't mind. Don't miss out on the giveaway at the bottom of the post!


Lydia's a winner. She's a champion. She's had 5 major surgeries in her short life and has been in the hospital with pneumonia more times that we can count on our fingers. She's a fighter. She's got an amazing story that could just get longer and longer and longer... and if you haven't read the part where she stopped breathing and needed CPR and oxygen and then began to deteriorate so the heart surgeon did something out of the ordinary and scheduled her emergency heart surgery on a Saturday, you've missed out!

Lydia continues to be in and out of the hospital with pneumonia, although not with the same frequency as before her surgery. She get stronger and sillier each day and we're so blown away by the opportunity that we have to invest in this precious angel's life.

In honor of Lydia, the fighting angel, Valerie over at Ruffled Feathers Company designed a special doll that she calls the Lydia Love Doll! Handmade, with hand embroidered features, this little Asian beauty even looks like Lydia! It must have something to do with her pale skin and button nose.

Valerie has generously offered a Lydia Love Doll to one special NDFH supporter. The real Lydia has a doll of her own and loves her. We try to help the children hang on to and become attached to certain toys, dolls or stuffed animals, and Lydia's Lydia Love Doll has become her "special" item. The nannies know that it's hers and they make sure that it stays in her bed.

And now you can win a precious doll too! There are ten ways to win, listed below. Ready? 

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  1. All of the children on your blog are beautiful! I pray for all of them each day!

  2. I have seen many miracles through adoption and in the adoption community!

  3. love the kids on our blog..may they all be blessed with forever homes

  4. Each day with my little ones is a miracle! We were told our son (adopted in 2008) would never walk. As I type this, he is running circles around me! He has defied many odds already and continues to amaze everyone he meets. :)

  5. Our miracle is how we came to know little Lydia in the first place. We were pregnant with a girl, whom we had named Lydia Rose. We lost our Lydia to miscarriage, but a dear friend found your Lydia and helped sponsor her anal atresia surgery in our honor. We too felt deeply connected to your Lydia and became some of her sponsors as well. This was over a year ago now, and we are so grateful for all of the miracles in your Lydia's life. As our hearts have healed from our loss, we rejoice with each miracle given to this beautiful little one, half a world away.