Saturday, February 11, 2012

One Week

Typically, after a major heart surgery, children are on the ventilator for a few days.

Michael was on the ventilator for one day.

In most cases, especially when the child is weak and small, they will be kept in ICU for about a week.

Michael is only three months old, weighs less than ten pounds, and has fought for his life since the day he was born.

Michael the day he arrived.

Michael is home.

It has only been one week since Michael entered the operating room for emergency surgery - a desperate attempt to save his life. But today, Michael is home.

Will you celebrate with us?

Read Michael's Amazing Story
The phone rang on a Friday. Words were rushed but the meaning was clear: He was three months old, abandoned at birth. The orphanage begged us to help him. None of the hospitals in their area could help, and six organizations they asked for help were unwilling to try. How could we say no?

It just so happened that the top surgeon of FuWai hospital was coming to visit the next day. He was gracious enough to review Michael’s file, and gravely told us that if Michael was cyanotic – if his skin was blue – he would need surgery right away.

Michael was very cyanotic...(continue reading)


  1. Praises to the Healer and Shepherd who is Sovereign over Michael's life! That baby boy may be tiny, but he is being used by Him for GLORY!!!!!
    Can't stop smilin' when I look at his precious baby face...I just want to hold him, too!!!!
    We'll keep praying for you baby Michael!

  2. He's not blue anymore! What a miracle. To Him who does exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think...