Sunday, October 2, 2016

NDNorth: Three Turning 3

Turning three is a big deal. And for Evangeline, Chad, and Rina, it's three times the fun, because they get to celebrate with each other! Can you believe that the babies who joined us at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 are so grown up already?

The celebrations began with cake, of course, and a song for each newly-3-year-old.

Happy birthday, precious Evangeline! We are so glad you were born.

Chad, it looks like you are welcoming this birthday with both hands!

Sweet boy, we wish you buckets of joy this year.

Yes, that cake is for you, Rina! We are very proud of the overcomer you are, and are full of hope that 3 will be your best year yet.

Each 3-year-old received a warm new outfit, as it's getting chilly here in Inner Mongolia!

Don't you think pink and purple are Evangeline's colors?

You look sharp, Chad! Why so serious?

Rina rather enjoyed modeling her new sweater and bow...

Group photo!

Getting three 3-year-olds coordinated for a photo is harder than we thought! 

Chad: Aren't we done yet?
Rina: Come on, Chad, just humor them...

Chad, Evangeline, and Rina, your nannies and friends are so thankful to be a part of this chapter of your lives. May you each know how much you are loved, and may this year be stuffed with blessings!

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